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What's Hotel Supplies including?

What's Hotel Supplies including?


LEGEND --- Your Hotel Supplies Specilist



1, Guestroom Supplies


Bedding, Guest room linen, Guest room curtain, Safe, Electric iron, Ironing board, Sound matching, TV turntable, Guest room refrigerator, Electric kettle, Guest room telephone, Hangers, Clothes clip, Bamboo, Wood products, Key, Hand brand, Beauty mirror, Trash can, Non-slip pad, Sign plate, Weight scale,other guest room supplies.


2. Cleaning Supplies


Air purifier, Housekeeping trolley,Cleaner, Cleaning tool, Disinfectant, Window cleaner, Polishing machine, Blow dry machine, Dredge machine.


3. Catering Supplies


Ceramic tableware, Gold-plated (silver) wine set, Plastic tea set, Stainless steel products, Food model, Glassware, Wine cart, Hotel Tablecloth, Hotel grass, Hotel chair cover, Hotel curtain, other catering supplies.


4. Furniture


Banquet furniture, Dining room furniture, Guest room furniture, Suite furniture, Sofa, Dressing table, Hotel bed, Hotel table, other hotels, furniture and hotel table.


5. Leisure Equipment


Automatic mahjong machine, Fitness equipment, Entertainment facilities, Spa equipment, other entertainment equipment.


6. Disposable Supplies


Disposable mouthwash, Combs, Soap, Slippers, Razor, Elution products (shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, lotion, shower cap, sewing kit, female guests bags),Toilet paper, Bath cap, Facial tissue, Secondary pen, Shoehorn, Common toothbrush, Bath liquid, Shoe cloth.


7. Smart Devices


Headboard, Wireless catering, Cashier system hotel intelligent management system, Electronic anti-theft system, Magnetic card door lock sound system.


8. Lobby Facilities


Umbrella rack,Hotel bellman's cart, service cart, Sign stand,Rope stanchion,Garbage bin,Flower pot,other lobby series.


9. Hotel lighting


Crystal lamp, Ceiling lamp, Chandelier, Lantern, Down lamp, Wall lamp, Bedside lamp, Floor lamp, Spotlights, other lighting.


10. Hotel Costumes


Hotel uniform, Welcome dress, Restaurant uniform, other accessories.


11. Hotel Service


Leisure and fitness, Hotel banquet, Catering service, Buffet, Room service, Conference service, other services.


12. Other Supplies


Food and beverage, Security products, Fresh aquatic products, Cold drinks.