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Cheap metal bed
Cheap metal bed Cheap metal bed Cheap metal bed Cheap metal bed Cheap metal bed

Cheap metal bed

Product ID : LEB-008A
Product Tags : Folding rollaway bed
Product Attributes :

Cheap metal bed with sturdy construction provide firm support and  comfortable sleep

Product Description

Cheap metal bed with mattress is humanized design which easy to be operated and space-saving

Cheap metal bed.jpg

   This cheap metal bed made in whole metal fram with 10cm thickness high grade knitting fabric mattress,provide comfortable experience for your guests.This single folding bed have small size and foldable design,optimize space and enhance room marketing .This kind of metal rollaway extra bed widely used for hotel,family,hospital and any situation that need a flexible,go any where solution .


Name:Cheap metal bed with mattress

Length:  2000mm

Width:   1200mm

Height:  500mm

Material:  powder coasted,20cm mattress&wheels

Color:blue,white,berge and etc

Type: Cheap metal bed for hotel guestroom

Designs Interpretation

        Cheap metal bed.jpg

Cheap metal bed.jpgFire-retardant foam mattress,simple line design

Cheap metal bed.jpg8pcs innersprings ensure the support of middle position

Cheap metal bed.jpgMetal frame in black powder coated and a cross stained bar

Cheap metal bed.jpgEquiped with high quality casters for flexible and easy moving

Cheap metal bed.jpgDurable folding structure optimize space and enhance room marketing

Cheap metal bed.jpgUltra plush mattress features soft,conformatable and most important easy storage

Cheap metal bed.jpgHotel extra bed mattress cover can be dismantled for easy washing,and its construction allows air to flow            freely through the mattress for a pleasant sleeping climate.

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