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Hotel Garment Rack
Hotel Garment Rack Hotel Garment Rack Hotel Garment Rack Hotel Garment Rack Hotel Garment Rack

Hotel Garment Rack

Product ID : LCH017
Product Attributes :

Hotel Garment Rack is perfect for hotels, retail stores, or dry cleaning businesses.

Product Description

Hotel Garment Rack featuring with a big base to hold two pairs shoes,hangers for coat,ties and trousers organizes your daily carry at one place.




 Hotel Garment Rack.jpgHotel Garment Rack is the ideal organization accessory can be used to store or display coat,ties,trousers and shoes.This valet stand constructed of mahogany and gold color steel hardware,provides a convenient place to organize your morning routine and daily carry such as wallet,mobile phone,keys and other accessories. Classic style with a beautiful finish, this  garment valet stand include 1 coart hanger for hanging suit coart,1 tray platform hold small accessories,1 tie holder for ties,1 rod for pants and 1 shoes rack at base.The dresser valet rack helps you get ready quickly by providing a convenient,wrinkle-free hanging place to keep your suit well organized in advance.The wooden clothe rack made with sturdy wood construction to ensure long-lasting use.



Name: Hotel Garment Rack

Length:  460mm

Width:   350mm

Height:  1180mm

Material:  wood with gold color hardware


Type: Floor standing hotel garment rack



Hotel Garment Rack.jpg

 Wood constructure ensures it sturdy and long-lasting.Hotel Garment Rack.jpg

Hotel Garment Rack.jpg Shirt hanger and hanging rod hold your clothes without makes suit wrinkly.

Hotel Garment Rack.jpg Saving time in the morning and get ready your suit in advance.

Hotel Garment Rack.jpg Garment valet stand is a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Hotel Garment Rack.jpg Clothe stand Equipped with coart hanger,tie bar,hanging rod and shoes base.

Hotel Garment Rack.jpg Suit valet rack with mahogany finish suit yourself with stylish yet elegant look.

Hotel Garment Rack.jpg Wooden valet stand keep your clothes preparing and ready to go.

Hotel Garment Rack.jpg Wardrobe valet stand will make your life extremely ready on time avoiding last minute rush. 

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